What is it?

A stress echo test provides specific information about the function of your heart muscle and valves at rest and after exercise.

For any patient enquiries please speak to your specialist or contact MCDC by calling us on (03) 9802 9250.

Procedure Information

What to bring

  • Any concession cards including Medicare and private heath fund cards
  • All current medication in its original packaging


Ensure you wear comfortable walking shoes and shorts or pants


  • ECG dots and leads will be attached to your chest to monitor your heart rate
  • Ultrasound images will be taken of your heart with the Echocardiograph (Echo) machine while lying on your side prior to exercise
  • After the resting images are taken you will proceed to the Exercise Stress Test part of the test and be required to walk on a treadmill.
    * This procedure is the same as for other Exercise Stress Tests
  • Once heart rate has reaches an acceptable level the treadmill is stopped
  • Return to the scanning bed for post exercise imaging
  • The whole procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes


The stress echocardiogram is reported by a cardiologist and the report is dispatched to the referring doctor on the next business day to when the procedure was done.